ST Endurance

$ 200.00

The ST Endurance is built for multipurpose use in a high stress environment.  The titanium construction delivered in an ultra light slotted configuration means this knife can deliver and take a beating without breaking or weighing you down.  The 6Al-4V titanium is .188" thick and reinforced with Tungsten Carbide for edge retention.   The knife is available in two styles - the Tanto measures 10" overall, with a 5.25" blade and a 4.75" paracord wrapped handle.  With a holstex sheath, the Tanto weighs 5 oz.  Without the sheath it weighs 3.8 oz.  For a slightly smaller configuration, the Drop Point measures 9" overall with a 4.25" blade and 4.75" paracord  wrapped handle.  With a holstex sheath, the Tanto weighs 4.2 oz and 3.4 oz without.

Note - Titanium is very strong and will bend before it shatters or breaks, unlike common steal blades.  You can see some of our stress tests for this knife on our Instagram page.  Even so, we recommend you not use this knife for excessive prying.